About Us

Since 1981, our goal has been to provide the best possible service to you for your bike. Our top-of-the-line facility and experienced staff assure that.

We continually update our procedures to make sure that we are consistently efficient and precise. You can trust us to take care of your motorcycle so that you can get back to riding.

The next time you need routine service, major repairs, or performance upgrades, stop by Delzani's Cycle to experience the difference for yourself.

Our Mission

We're good at what we do: we're efficient personable, and do the job right at a fair cost to you. We work with many brands such as: Harley Davidson, late model Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki motorcycles. You can come to us for all your routine service and maintenance needs including tuneups, tires, oil changes and brakes.
Customer experience
Servicing your bike is just the beginning. Having good relationships with our customers is a top priority for us. We want you to feel comfortable when you come in and even more so when you leave. We are dedicated to developing these relationships, so that you keep coming back and one day - you might even refer us to a friend.

    Experience is important. But to us, supplementing our knowledge is equally critical. We are constantly furthering our education in best practices and new technology, which helps us do a better job.
    Doing the job right is one thing, but doing the job right every time is key. We're confident that the work we do will always be top-of-the-line, so there wont be any surprises when you come pick up your bike. You can rely on us to keep you informed and educated about our services, and aware of how we work to improve ourselves and your bike.


They are the best. It's unthinkable to take your bike anywhere else. Hospital operating rooms should be as clean as their service department.

Paul B

I've done business with Delzani's forever. They've done everything from valve adjustments, to points, and tires, on two Honda's and two Yamaha's of mine over the years. The biggest job they did was punching out a Sportster from 883 to 1200 right in the shop. This isn't your typical grease pit. The place is immaculate. He isn't cheap, but I think he is fair.  I will recommend him highly.

Fred B

He can do almost anything.


Great service, excellent customer care. Best work around.

Sonni D